6 a.m_

6 a.m.

For G.

By Yu Fang

6 a.m. Awake for the moon’s humbling

Before the early dawn, eyelids flutter.

Struggle. Tire and droop. Kindly refraining

From the morn as the soul’s windows shutter


Between 6 and 8 a.m., a short break.

The intermission of my leaden limbs,

ragged breathing, and me declining cake,

with a mouth slack on the coffee cup’s rim


But I shall bow my head in solemn thanks

For my life has been blessed and my heart full

And despite these pains, if I may be frank,

Altogether, I find it quite fruitful


My writings chronicle these endless tales

This long, incredible journey of mine

Where one will find, though the storms assail

Blissful moments aplenty throughout time


Like my daughter, with her own part to play

Throughout this saga of lifelong journeys

Each step with her a story to convey

Of challenges and triumphs - joys and pains


And of grace, with my love of God's design

Where between the grand notes of His worship

are my songs, for God, and souls intertwined

In Christ and familial kinship


Let my hymns, my writings, my dog-eared books

Be a testament to lifelong delight

Where between the pains and time forsook

Are friends and family, our bonds tight.

Author's Note:

Sometimes, as G has shared, her eyes cannot open in the morning. Nor could she eat. Or breathe. Her condition of Myasthenia Gravis — the weakening of the muscles — was invisible to everyone else. The exhaustion, both mental and physical, that she had faced was immense. Yet, she ardently expressed her hope, love for her family, and gratefulness towards life, finding strength in her faith and in writing, finding support from her loved ones. She adjusted to the exhaustion, seeing how it is like and planning around it (the specific metaphor she used was a battery; having to see how long her battery can last every day). This drive was something I found incredible, and I wished to convey her dedication towards her religion and family in her poem, alongside her experiences. I hope by reading this, readers will feel the joy that exists in G and the gratefulness she wishes to express towards every aspect of her life.