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Meet and bond with fellow literature fans through social events!

Share stories and play games!


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Write to us, to each other, or to anyone! Come and read the stories written by peers!


Show that the written form has no limits!

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Have an opportunity to be trained by professional poets!


Take the chance to perform your own poems onstage!


About Literati

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Formed by students with a common love for literature, SMU Literati promotes the expression of literature, in written and spoken form, amongst the SMU students. It is a platform for like-minded enthusiasts to express themselves creatively and share their works in a casual setting of mutual respect and open-mindedness.

Through our events, Literati aims to create an exciting and vibrant atmosphere for all the writers, speakers and readers in SMU.

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Literati holds annual writing workshops facilitated by celebrated local poets in conjunction with SMU’s yearly Arts Festival. Aimed at making literature accessible and enjoyed by all, these writing workshops invite literature enthusiasts, both seasoned and newly minted, to write and perform their own pieces for an audience to appreciate and comment on.


SMU Literati also collaborates with NUS Literary Society for An Evening of Poetry and Music, an annual event which provides young budding poets a platform to express their original spoken poetry.

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