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  • Chair all general and committee meetings

  • Liaise with SMU Offices, personnel, Arts & Cultural Fraternity (ACF) and other external parties where relevant

  • Oversee the strategic planning and direction of the club

  • Look out for the welfare of the EXCO and the club's members



  • To assist the President in carrying out their duties, and to stand in for Presidential duties in the President's absence

  • Look out for the welfare of the EXCO and the club's members 


Honorary General Secretary

  • Keep administrative records of the club, including membership, student activity records and others

  • Take meeting minutes

  • Manage the club email and registration for events

Honorary Finance Secretary 

  • Keep all financial records of the club

  • Chair budget meetings

  • Liaisons pertaining to sponsorships

Marketing Director 

  • Creating and distributing publicity materials for all club activities 

Publication Director 

  • Maintenance of the club's website

  • Developing writing talent in the club, by publicising opportunities for members to develop their writing skills in external events, as well as by creating opportunities for members to hone their writing skills and network with established writers

  • To assist the Marketing Director in their duties

Events Director

  • Organising and chairing events and committees

  • Creation of events plans

  • Keeping inventory of all assets of the club

  • Submission of Go-Prepared Document (GPD) prior to event

  • Liaison with external parties for events

  • To conduct AARs (After Action Review) upon completion of event

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