“Applause Revisited” by Mark Chia Zi Han

Description: This poem explores the paradox between the harsh and sharp sounds of applause and the mad rush to have it for oneself.


How strange in this world; Men put on pedestals, Would allow themselves to be honoured By a sound harsh and Stinging, As hands come Crashing Down On Each Other, Sometimes earnest, Others not; Flogging forth a crow-ish sound, Unlike a song of benediction It so tries compose. Yet if the world says it thus, So it is thus: And lesser men still climb, Frantic, within a desperate itching ache, To take the notes of fading strains, In order to warm fingertips And to soothe an imaginary pain, All the while pretending, presuming, praying, That it is enough amidst a sprawl of Desolation.

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