“Edging over Uncertainty” by Rishika Gupta

Description: What has been that defining edge? What is the tradeoff between the metaphorical and dictionary definition of the word. I’ve always wondered what it is. This poem in blank verse tries to visually and literally showcase my thought process. And in the end, beyond the ‘edge’, when writing, do we refer to the dictionary or the images created by literature.

To pull back Or push through Questions perpetuate Us Me Who? All of us taking Gossamery steps to interrogate the unknown Or the vault into the dark Define “edge” better Because “the outside limit of an object, area or surface”, Forgets the metaphorical implication And the placable meaning Yearns for an unappeasable one Dictionaries dictate The authority that tempers and forgets Literature disregards the assumptions that are taken literally The edge isn’t the boundary It is the permeable membrane That selectively absorbs Yet selectively exiles

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