Take a Step

Take A Step...

For D.

By Rachel

Too fast
I’ve got ladders to climb
But my knees, they hurt
My body aint worth a dime!
Wear the pretence of no discomfort


Too slow
Eyeballs be on you
They notice, they stare
They doubt it’s true
Do they (really) know? Do they (really) care?

Too deep
My body’s breaking, how fun
What’s new, just another blow
Draw the curtains, hide the sun
Turned my face towards the shadows 

At a time
When I grabbed the hands with fear
I put my chin up, feet back on the ground
Clouds parted; skies cleared
Then I saw that I had love,
All around.

Take a step.png

Author's Note:

This poem seeks to capture D’s journey with rheumatoid arthritis, his life post diagnosis, and how each step taken by him can have different consequences. Having an autoimmune disease often makes him feel like he has to take each step seriously and carefully because of the uncertainty of when his condition might flare up, or other consequences that are beyond his control. As he puts it, taking things one step at a time — through planning ahead and expecting uncertainty — is how he moves ever forwards.